Conserving Hong Kong's wild species through Veterinary Research

Wildlife Health Research

A warm thanks to our supporters and sponsors:Monitoring wild species health is essential in order to protect wildlife and ecosystems

  • Wildlife health, human health, domestic species health and the ecosystem's health are closely interrelated.
  • Conservation Medicine Veterinarians study the parasites, the emerging or re-emerging infectious agents and the environmental contaminants which threaten wild species.
  • By learning more about their diseases and the threats wild species are facing, we can better protect them.
  • Conservation medicine, including non-invasive techniques allow us to monitor wild species' health.


Stranded porpoise, Sousa chinensis Hong Kong, Injured barking deer



  • Marine species strandings and health monitoring (marine mammals)
  • Giant Panda disease investigation manual
  • Capture myopathy in wildlife
  • The role of Wildlife Microbiome
  • One Health and Wildlife
  • Wildlife clinical pathology (blood reference ranges)


A warm thanks to our supporters and sponsors:

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