Conserving Hong Kong's wild species through Veterinary Research

Hong Kong Wildlife Health Continuing Education Award Programme

Who may apply?

The Hong Kong Wildlife Health Continuing Education Award Programme aims to support veterinarians, veterinary nurses or technicians who work in the field of wildlife and exotic species veterinary medicine, care and husbandry to participate in continuing education. It is also open to undergraduate students in the field of veterinary science and veterinary nursing studying in Hong Kong. Visit our website or get in touch to be informed of the next award deadline for application.



What is supported?

The award supports continuing education in form of financial support towards attendance to seminar, conference or workshop (for example, conference registration fee, transport, accommodation). This award has for aim to encourage and assist veterinarians and veterinary nurses and technicians in Hong Kong to develop the knowledge and skills needed for work with wildlife and exotic species. The target continuing education event (seminar, conference or workshop) must contain presentations or topics relevant to veterinary medicine, care and husbandry of wild species or exotic animal species.



Previous awards

Ms D. Ng was the winner of the 2019 HKWHF Continuing Education Award. Support of 1200 HK$ was given for her to participation in the 2019 Behavioural management and enrichment workshop, Guangzhou, China.